Cardinals Re-sign Veteran Renaud

The Hamilton Cardinals announced today the re-signing of veteran third baseman Laine Renaud for the upcoming 2023 season, his sixth season with the club.

Renaud, a Hamilton local, is known as one of the leaders on and off-the-field for the Hamilton Cardinals. Last season Renaud set career highs in all offensive categories and was a staple in the middle of the Cardinals lineup.

“Laine is as consistent as they come, and it’s a comforting feeling knowing what we’re going to get out of him,” said Cardinals General Manager George Halim. “The dude has less than 60 walks in over 700 plate appearances in the IBL, which in my opinion is indicative of why he has a chance to bat .300 in any given year. His power numbers were the best they’ve been, too, so I can live with his strikeouts for more wall-bangers.”

“I’m really excited for another year with the Cardinals it feels like a fresh start. This rebrand has given me a spark to push even harder this year.” said Laine Renaud. “I’ve also noticed a change in the other guys this off-season who are all working hard to run out the gate through to the playoffs. We have one goal in mind and that’s some new hardware, I can’t wait to see this organization take off with strong support all around us."


About The Hamilton Cardinals:

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