Cardinals add Sonne and Theal to assist Pitching Staff

HAMILTON - The Hamilton Cardinals are excited to announce the additions of Pitching Consultant Mike Sonne and Cal Theal as Pitching Apprentice

Dr. Michael Sonne is currently a baseball scientist for the Chicago Cubs but is based in Hamilton and has a PhD in Biomechanics from McMaster University. Sonne will assist the Cardinals in workload measurement and biomechanics assessments of pitchers. He will also assist the organization in understanding how data analytics can improve the ball club.

Theal joins the Cardinals as a Pitching Apprentice after finishing his own college pitching career at Niagara University. Theal is a native of Niagara Falls, Ontario and played with the Great Lake Canadians prior to joining Niagara University. Theal will act as the liaison between the coaching staff and players to Sonne.

“My mind has been on how to take care of our pitchers long-term since day one, and this is the direction we envisioned for the Cardinals,” said George Halim, Hamilton Cardinals General Manager. “I was never a pitcher, so I’m curious to see the game through Doc and Cal’s eyes. They’re extremely bright, and having them around makes the organization better.”

About the Hamilton Cardinals

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